Another Night at Awesomegamerdudes Cancelled and Why (Replaced by Shift at Gamerdudes

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Why cancel it!!
Another Night at Awesomegamerdudes was the game I promised I would make, it would be a completely revamped and superior game to the previous ANAA which included Shadow Nightmare Awesomegamerdude and Shadow Cheekeymonkey. ANAA was going to include Awesomegamerdude, Cheekeymonkey, JzxplayZ and more. At the beginning of development I was starting to realise I was making a complete clone of fnaf!! The Animatronics were poorly made, and the gameplay made no sense. The game would have 1 door, 1 closet and cameras. The door could be shut, and the closet would need to be checked. If the door was shut power drained, and if you ran out of power, you could simply hide in the closet and nothing would happen to you. The gameplay was very sloppy and I lost inspiration in it. I also could not figure out how to program cameras in Scratch.

What's Next??
The End of ANAA is not the end, I am once again remaking ANAA, but in a way thats unlike a fnaf fan game. The game is being renamed Shift at Gamerdudes. Unlike it's predesessor Shift at Gamerdudes has more gameplay, and I am spending more time designing the rooms and the animatronics. This game will not feature cameras, and will be slightly free roam. This game will take place in the future, probably 3000. I can not give a release date for it, it is still in early development. I plan to release it sometime next year. Trust me Shift at Gamerdudes is going to be slightly more scary, with not as crappy drawn animatronics. Please note I am working alone on this project, so be PATIENT. My friend might convert it to unity. Expect monthly teasers, if you have any questions or you want to take part in the game, email me at Thanks for Reading

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